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  • "Ernie DiStefano and CAAN, Inc. gave me hope when I was hopeless. He helped me to overcome my previous challenges and mistakes in life. Now I have a great family and I'm pursuing my music career."


P.F. McCleary, Former CAAN, Inc. Athlete and current Musical Artist based out of Atlanta, GA



  • "As a single parent, raising three boys was not an easy task but I did my best to instill and direct them into the right direction. In 2010, my son was involved in a situation that landed him 3 years into Howard R. Young Correctional Facility. Not knowing which way to turn I had faith that everything would work out for Floyd. In 2012 while residing

     in Anchorage Alaska, I received a phone call from Mr. Ernie. That was       a call that until this day has been a blessing in both Floyd and my life.      Mr. Ernie introduced himself to me and went on to give the reason for        the call. My faith knew that the call was one that would lead my son on      that road to success after his release. Mr. Ernie calls did not stop              coming until the task was completed. As time went on, Mr. Ernie was        there to put my back on the right track. He saw my son's gifts and            talents in Floyd and put in the time and effort, which opened doors for      my son to go back to school. I am proud to say that my son has kept        moving forward, never looking back, and I have Mr. Ernie and CAAN,        Inc. to thank. I believe that the program contributed to my son being        the awesome man and father that he is today."


Karen Steed, Mother of a former CAAN, Inc. athlete.



  • "Thanks to the help of CAAN, Inc., I can afford my training fees and pursue my athletic dreams."

Shaheed Holmes, Aspiring Boxer

  • "I have just recently come across this organization and I support their mission. As a boxing coach, it saddens me when fighters are unable to pursue their promising career in boxing because of financial issues or the fact that they have to put their passion of boxing aside to provide for their families. This can also be the case when it comes to beginners joining the gym and not coming back because of similar issues. I have faith in this organization to help fighters out in the way that will allow them chase their dreams and live up to their potential. I hope CAAN, Inc. will continue to gain support and recognition in the future and I will do my best to help make that happen!"


Andrew Hudson (Author and Boxing Coach)


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