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Ernest J. (“Ernie”) DiStefano, M.S., CSC, CSPC


Mr. DiStefano has nearly 36 years of experience as a criminal justice professional. He also has an extensive sports background. He worked as a sports agent, and is currently a Certified Sports Counselor and Pastoral Sports Counselor with the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA). Mr. DiStefano has also worked as a boxing coach, manager, and mental training coach with professional and amateur boxers.  

Mr. DiStefano has also worked as an Associate Baseball Scout with the Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Global Scouting Bureau (GSB). He authored the book, “The Happy Athlete (A Success Guide for Parents, Coaches, and Student-Athletes), which was published by Langmarc Publishing in May 2006.  He holds three college degrees, including a Master's Degree in Management. From 2009-2020, Mr. DiStefano was an Adjunct Instructor of Sports Management at Wilmington University located in New Castle, DE, where he taught Sociology of Sports, Athletic Fundraising, and Sports in America. He continues to serve as a member of the Wilmington University Faculty Advisory Board for their Sports Management Program.

  • Zeb Stokes, Board Chair
  • Frederick L. Barnes, III: Director At-Large
  • Roy Foreman: Director At-Large
  • Dade D. Werb, Esq.: Director At-Large
  • David Barnes: Director At-Large
  • Tonya Lanier: Director At-Large
  • Michele Huntley: Director At-Large

  • Curt Shockley
  • Spencer Dunkley

  • Dwayne Saunders

  • Andre Buck

  • Kamarah Pasley

  • Dave Tiberi

  • Daniel Masi

  • Tonia Priestley

  • Steve Wesley

  • Dwayne Saunders

  • Jacquie Richardson

  • Bill Fletcher

  • Peter Olney

  • Tony Tolbert


Athletic Fundraising Coordinator

Chuck Metzger

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