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I__________________(Athlete/Artist), upon my release from incarceration agree to do the following:


1.   Agree to fully comply with all court orders and conditions of my court-ordered community supervision (i.e., probation/parole) sentence. NOTE: AthleteArtist also agrees to allow the appropriate CAAN, Inc. staff to confer and communicate with his/her probation/parole officer, and other community entities that the athlete is engaged with, for the purpose of exchanging information and ensuring the athlete's ongoing compliance and positive reentry into the community, as defined and mandated by this agreement. 


2. Initiate my participation in the appropriate community and/or government service agencies, including adult probation/parole services,

for the purpose of addressing any and all issues that may be an obstacle to achieving my goals and leading a positive, productive life in my community.

3. I further agree to pursue possible educational, employment, and/or vocational training opportunities upon my release from incarceration, including

any and all said opportunities required by the conditions of my community supervision (i.e., probation/parole).


4. Not incur any new criminal convictions, including convictions on charges of Violation of Probation/Parole.


 C.A.A.N., in turn, agrees to do the following:


 1. Provide the athlete/artist with as much assistance as possible toward achieving his/her athletic, educational and/or career goals.


 2. It is further understood that the athlete/artist and C.A.A.N., Inc. representatives will treat each other with respect at all times,

and will be completely honest with each other at all times.


3. It is further understood that the athlete/artist or C.A.A.N., Inc. can terminate the relationship at any time for any reason.




It is so agreed:



_______________________________                     _________________

                          Athlete                                                          Date




_______________________________                     _________________

               C.A.A.N., Inc.  Representative                                       Date






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